Upgrading ip|engine Firmware

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Determine Model / Current Firmware

To being, we must confirm the model of the Nano by consulting the device in Salsa.  This is done under Supervision > ip|engine status.

In the consult window, refer to the Version line.  This shows:

  1. The current firmware version.
  2. The model code (TAG) of the unit.
Determine Model / Current Firmware

Identifying Model

Based on the model code below, you can match to the model number chart shown here. See Step 2 above.

Identifying Model



The ip|engine you are upgrading MUST be on version 7.1 MINIMUM before attempting to upgrade to any 8.x version.

Upload Firmware Files to ip|engine

Enable the local FTP Daemon on the ip|engine.

SSH to the IP|Engine using username and password:



Enable FTP Daemon

Activate the ip|engine's ftp server with the following commands:

netconfig +ftp
netconfig restart


Upload Firmware Files

Using an FTP client of your choosing (Filezilla recommended), upload the 3 firmware files needed to the ip|engine.

The pre-packaged files needed for the upgrade are located in Box within the following directory:

\Box Sync\Hardware\Ipanema\Firmware

Use the file name that corresponds with the Model you located in the above section "Identifying Model". Extract the archive and upload the 3 files extracted to

Upload Firmware Files

Upgrade Command

Use the ip|engine as its own ftp server, so use the upgrade command:

upgrade -s -d / -l ipanema -p ipanema -v

You should see output similar to the following:

[ipe]$ upgrade -s -d / -l ipanema -p ipanema -v
upgrade = running
Start download
Downloading ipe_n5V2_v8.1.5.4.tgz package
Download completed
Decrypt tarballs
Installing ipe_n5V2_v8.1.5.4.tgz package

The ip|engine will then automatically reboot and load the new version.

Verify Version

Once the reboot is completed, you can verify the new version by connecting back to the ip|engine and running the following command:


In which you will see the following output to confirm the upgrade:

*** Hardware ***
Tag  : 30H1
Name : n0005-256MB-F128
Rev. : XX
S/N  : S2813N0219B0
*** Software ***
Global   : 8.1.5
  Kernel :
  Cots   :
  Ipe    :
Date     : Mar 20, 2015 13:27:44
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