Ipanema appliances, VMs and software agents

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Ipanema features are performed by Ipanema appliances, virtual machines and software agents, generally located at the interface between the enterprise network (LAN) and the access router to the operator network (WAN).

There are two families of appliances: ip|engines and nano|engines, and two families of software agents: virtual|engines and Ipanema Mobile Agents (IMAs).

Application Visibility and Application Control features are also available on sites that are not equipped (no ip|engine, no nano|engine and no virtual|engine on the site), declaring “tele|engines” on these sites.

  • ip|engines: hardware devices; various models are available, with different capacities
  • nano|engines: hardware ultra compact devices, for small Branch Offices
  • tele|engines: logical service delivered through the remote collaborating ip|agents
  • virtual|engines: virtual machines in .vmdk format
  • IMAs: software agents for Windows desktops

ip|agent is the software running on ip|engines, nano|engines and virtual|engines. IMAs run some of ip|agent’s services (but we also call them ip|agents, by extension).

To provide the features described above, ip|agents run the following services:

  • for Application Visibility:
    • ip|true: measurement,
    • ip|sync: time synchronization,
  • for Application Control:
    • ip|fast: the Application Control service,
    • ip|coop: tele|engines’ cooperative control,
  • for WAN Optimization:
    • ip|xtcp: TCP acceleration,
    • ip|xcomp: compression (SRE and ZRE) + TCP acceleration,
    • ip|xapp: CIFS acceleration,
  • for Network Rightsizing:
    • smart|plan
  • for Dynamic WAN Selection:
    • smart|path
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