Aastra Phone User Guide (6731i)

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This guide covers the use of features available on the Aastra 6731i. Not all features may be available on your phone based on the configuration of your service. Please contact your TeleFlex representative if you would like access to additional features.

Placing a Call

Lift the handset(1), press the Linekey(13) or Speaker key(14).  Dial the number from the keypad.

Answering a call

Lift the handset for handset operation or press the Linekey(13) or Speaker key(14) for hands free operation.

Ending a call

To end the call, replace the handset or press End button(11).


Press the Redial key(15) twice to call the last dialed recently dialed number. Press the (15) key once to access the list of recently dialed numbers, use to scroll through.

Muting a call

Press Mute key(19) to mute the handset, headset, or speakerphone.

Place a call on Hold

Press Hold Key(16) and hangup the phone. Retrieve the call by pressing the Hold Key again(16).

Call Transfer

Press Transfer key(12) this places the current call on hold. Dial the number of the person you want to transfer the call to.  To transfer the call before the other person answers, press key before the Transfer Key(12) the receiving end answers.


Press Voicemail Key(6) or dial *97. At the prompt enter your 4-digit PIN code(default PIN is 9999) Once logged in, press 0 to manage your greeting and options.

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